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Know the Types of Pregnancy Hormones and Their Functions

Various pregnancy hormones can bring changes to the body to protect the fetus in the womb. There are pregnancy hormones that occur only during pregnancy, but there are also hormones that have been there before but the levels change in the body during pregnancy. Not only physical changes, various pregnancy hormones can cause emotional changes during pregnancy. These hormonal changes can even cause annoying symptoms during pregnancy. In certain cases, this pregnancy hormone can cause excessive vomiting during pregnancy. Various Pregnancy Hormones Here are some pregnancy hormones and hormones that change during pregnancy: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone (hCG) Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is a pregnancy hormone produced in the placenta. This hormone will help maintain pregnancy and fetal development in the womb. The hCG level can also be a marker of pregnancy as well as the health of the fetus contained. If the hCG level is low, there is a possibility you have an e
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Baby 6 months, starting to consume solid food

In general, doctors agree that babies 6 months are ready to be introduced with solid foods as complementary foods for breast milk (MPASI). At the age of 6 months, the baby's digestive system is ready to process solid food. 6-month-old babies like to sit playing on the floor and try various body positions, and see the situation around him. Compared to 5-month-old babies, 6-month-old babies have increased body weight. Male babies generally weigh 6.4-9.7 kg with a length of about 63-71 cm. Meanwhile, a baby girl weighs around 5.8-9 kg with a length of 61.5-70 cm. Motor Ability 6-month-old baby's feet can support some of his body weight. Help him to stand on your lap or on the floor by holding both baby's armpits. Leg and arm muscle strength is very important for the next stage, which is crawling. You can help train your muscle strength by placing toys around him to reach. In addition, 6-month-old babies are generally able to do the following things: Like dropping any o

Induction Procedures to Speed Up Labor

Induction is a stimulation process to stimulate uterine contractions before natural contractions occur, with the aim of accelerating the labor process. This procedure cannot be done haphazardly, because it contains more risks than normal labor. For those who live it, it is advisable to get as complete information as possible about the reasons, procedures, and risks that may be encountered. There is no natural way to trigger contractions or childbirth. Maybe you've heard that having sex, taking certain herbal medicines, nipple stimulation, or acupuncture, can trigger contractions. However, some of these methods have not been proven scientifically, while others do not provide sufficient stimulating effects. Reasons for Induction If after the estimated baby's birth date, you haven't shown any signs of giving birth and there are no serious health problems, the doctor will usually wait up to two weeks. But if the content has reached 42 weeks of age, it is necessary to thin

Types of Diseases and Procedures Treated by Lung Specialists

Lung specialist is an expert doctor who treats lung diseases and disorders. Lung disease is one of the most common respiratory disorders in the world. This condition can be caused by several factors, such as infection, genetics, occupational risk, or due to smoking. The main task of the lung specialist is to diagnose and determine the right type of treatment for various problems in the respiratory system. Lung specialists can work independently by opening a private practice or working in a hospital, especially in the intensive care unit. Types of Diseases Treated by Lung Specialists There are several symptoms that can indicate that your lungs are experiencing problems, including cough that does not heal, shortness of breath, and coughing up blood. If you experience these symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor. In certain circumstances, a general practitioner will refer you to a pulmonary specialist. Some conditions that can be treated by a lung specialist, such as: A

The Link Between Hymen and Virginity

Virginity is often associated with the presence of the hymen. Women who are still virgins are identical to the hymen that is still intact or has not been torn apart. Many members of the community who believe, women with hymen have been torn are no longer virgins and have had sexual relations. So as to ensure whether or not the hymen intact, often carried out an examination called a virginity test. Some women even have hymen surgery to improve the shape of their hymen. What is the hymen? The hymen is a very thin layer of membrane that stretches at the bottom of a woman's vagina. In girls, the hymen has a shape like a crescent or a small donut. Generally, the hymen is shaped like a ring with a small hole. The hole allows the release of menstrual blood. Changes in the shape of the hymen can indeed occur with age. The hymen will change when a teenager enters puberty. Not only changes in shape, elasticity of the hymen will also change. After entering adolescence, the hymen tends